We may come off as a little mysterious and not transparent, but hopefully, this page will help you get an idea of who we are and where we want to go.

In 2014 I (Brian) was gifted this old singer from the ’60s. I quickly got to work on it and fell deeply in love with the whole process of making a bag.

Fortunately, Youtube was around, and that’s how I taught myself how to sew. I’d find a bag I wanted online and would try to make it myself. This was a great way to learn how to source materials and navigate the industry quickly.


Off to New Zealand, we went. We made a few custom bags for our bikes and borrowed others from friends and headed out on our first bikepacking journey. We were hooked instantly on this foreign concept of traveling by bike. When we landed back in Minneapolis, we immediately started planning our next escape.

From there, our feet and sometimes wheels landed in Europe, Indonesia, Thailand, Colorado, and Cuba. Traveling was flowing through veins like coffee on a Monday morning.

During this period in time, we started to sell and make custom frame bags from Instagram inquiries, but that began to get out of hand because of the complexities that come with custom work.

In 2017 we gained some traction and made a batch of bags for Crust Bikes. One of those lovely frame bags landed in the hands of an incredible person, Jorja. She has put the bag through so much, and it’s still going strong today.

On top of that connection, we made long lasting friendships with bicycle community members in Minneapolis. We took the opportunity to sponsor the Cake Bike Team, which is made up of women/trans/femme riders! Inclusivity is a primary focus of our business and taken into consideration when deciding who we choose to partner with.

The Road to Delcie’s Cup Cake --78.jpg

Starting as a side-hustle/passion project; Hoot is at a place in our lives where it can no longer be ignored. It is clawing to be our primary focus. I'm proud to say we listened to its yearning to come to life and it is now my (Brian’s) full-time job. Our products are going to continue to be limited and strategic. We don’t want to flood you with a bunch of half-assed bags that are not thought through thoroughly. It took three full years to hone down what I thought the Munchie Bag should look like. I don’t plan on other bags taking that long, but that’s how we operate. When we mean we want things to be perfect for you, we mean it!

We are currently developing the Bum Bag (fanny pack) and a bag that fits perfectly in the Wald 137 basket or on a rack.

Thank you for your love and support while we build our brand from the dirt up. Now get outside and ride your bike!